Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pundit Jewelry

What is it with us Americans and our need to adorn ourselves with the tackiest crap we can find? We think we're making a statement in support of our candidates, and yet it turns out we're merely making a statement to the world that we collectively ride the fashion shortbus.

First it was the Obama Belt, and now we have Obama hippie jewelry of the type I bought at Lollapalooza in 1993. Put it on some hemp and we're sure to have the support of the 6th grade demographic!

We also have some McCain jewelry, which I have to admit rocks my Obama Belt-less pants off, though I despise the subject matter. Something about the campiness is quite fitting... I am hoping the artist made this in an ironic way. Otherwise it only adds to the lameness. (To be truthful, she does have some things I would totally buy the BFF, so I am now PRAYING that these are ironic, because I want to like her! Here's where you can buy her stuff).
ZOMG she made Palin ones too!

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